Romanians, Tomatoes and Cheese

Boy do I eat a lot of tomatoes and cheese. I think I’ve eaten more tomatoes and cheese in the last few years than many people would eat in a lifetime. I just never knew I would enjoy tomatoes and cheese this much. I eat in the morning, and in the evening. To think that I’ve actually met people that don’t like tomatoes. I wonder if there are people out there that do not like cheese. I mean, if some people don’t like tomatoes, some other may not like cheese. Definitely not in Romania, that’s for sure. Tomatoes and Cheese! Mmmmm!

Ralu F. Constantinescu
(Always stating the obvious)

One thought on “Romanians, Tomatoes and Cheese”

  1. Mrs Constantinescu, is that mint on your plate? Even if it were basil I don’t think the Romanian mother in law would approve it for your breakfast (too much green). Unless you have a very enlightened one.


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