Frying an Egg and the Romanian Mother-In-Law

It is sad when people refuse to learn better ways to do the things they already do. Take frying an egg for example. It all started when I wanted to buy one of those small frying pans just for frying eggs. That in itself was a struggle.

“Why do you need a pan so small Ralu? We already have pans that work”…

Yes, they work, but usually with inconsistent results. I wanted something better, so I bought it and guess what? Now it’s the preferred pan for frying eggs … because it works.

Now don’t get too excited, the pan won’t solve all your problems, you still need to figure out the egg frying process itself. The pan won’t make miracles happen just because the pan exists. You need to caress the egg with oil, and fry it into submission. After much trial and error, it turns out that to get the perfect egg using my stove, you need to place the small pan on the smallest ring, and light the flame between level 2 and 3. Then you just pour a little bit of olive oil in the pan, and crack the egg in it. You can now walk away and the egg will be perfectly done, regardless of how long you leave it there. It’ll just get better and better. When it’s almost done, just flip it for a few seconds, and you have yourself a perfectly round sunny side up egg.


Unfortunately, there are people that insist on using other methods. They use extreme amounts of heat and play with the egg constantly until it becomes an unrecognizable mess. Sometimes they even have to throw away the mess, or scrape the pan into a scratched up heap of metal. Meet, the Romanian mother in law. Regardless of how many times I’ve asked her to use less heat, use olive oil instead of fatty oils, and pleaded with her to stop messing with the egg, she still does it.

Therefore I repeat… It is sad when people refuse to learn better ways to do the things they already do.

— Ralu F Constantinescu – Always stating the obvious.

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